The Role of an Early Intervention Service Coordinator

June 23, 2023

From case management to occupational therapy, effective early intervention includes a variety of developmental services. Each one is important in guaranteeing a child's growth. Because of their specialized training, early intervention service coordinators are crucial in managing a child's case, identifying their needs, and facilitating access to necessary assistance. 

If you’re considering a career in early intervention services, this quick overview can help you understand the role, how it fits into the early intervention process, and how it benefits children and their families. 

What Is an Early Intervention Service Coordinator? 

Early intervention service coordinators (EISC) are trained professionals that help the families of infants with developmental delays or disabilities obtain access to the appropriate early intervention services. Typically, an early intervention service coordinator will work with families to assess their needs, draft an individualized family service plan (IFSP), and coordinate the delivery of services from various providers. 

Early intervention service coordinators may also provide support and guidance to families by:

  • Advocating for the child’s developmental needs  
  • Helping the family navigate the early intervention system
  • Monitoring the child’s developmental progress 
  • Ensuring the protection of the child’s and family’s rights 

What Are The Responsibilities of an Early Intervention Service Coordinator?

Overall it is the responsibility of the early intervention service coordinator to develop a holistic plan that includes all the early intervention services a family needs to help enhance their child’s development. This means that in addition to identifying the child’s developmental needs, an EISC plays a key role in connecting the family with resources that can help them understand their child’s needs and how to address them successfully. 

Additional responsibilities an early intervention service coordinator may fulfill include: 

  • Conducting home visits and interviews with families 
  • Gathering information about the child’s developmental needs
  • Coordinating meetings between families and service providers
  • Recommending changes to the IFSP based on the child’s developmental progress
  • Monitoring the delivery of early intervention services following the IFSP

How Do Early Intervention Service Coordinators Help Children? 

The goal of an EISC is to help children with developmental delays obtain early intervention services that will help them thrive. While the services a child receives are determined by their developmental needs, it’s the job of the EISC to identify which services and resources a family needs access to. The role of an EISC makes a remarkable difference for the families of children with developmental delays because, while they focus on their child’s daily needs, they can count on an EISC to help them find the resources and services their child needs to grow. 

How to Become an Early Intervention Service Coordinator in South Carolina? 

In addition to demonstrating a passion for empowering families and children with developmental delays, early intervention service coordinators must have a Bachelor’s Degree in early childhood education, social work, special education, or another related field. At least a year of experience working with infants, toddlers, and parents is preferred for many EISC positions. 

What Are the Benefits of a Career as an Early Intervention Specialist? 

Although challenging, the work of an early intervention service coordinator is incredibly rewarding and can have many benefits for you and your community.

Benefits of working as an EISC: 

  • Impacting the lives of young children with developmental delays
  • Learning about early childhood development and special education
  • Collaborating with parents, therapists, social workers, and fellow EISCs

Ready for a Rewarding Career in Early Intervention Services? Join the About Play Team! 

A career in early intervention services is ideal for anyone creative, energetic, and, most importantly, passionate about working with children. About Play is searching for qualified professionals to serve various areas of South Carolina, including Beaufort, Lexington, Summerville, Greenville, Fairfield, Oconee, Georgetown, and more!  

If you are interested in a career offering early intervention services, visit our careers page to browse our open roles and submit your application today.


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