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Helping babies & toddlers in South Carolina overcome developmental delays & achieve milestones

FOR INFANTS & TODDLERS IN South carolina | AGE 0 – 6

Is your infant or toddler dealing with a common development delay?

During the first years, children are learning through play to master skills and solve everyday problems. They are developing their motor skills, thinking, speech, self help skills, and social and emotional skills. Learn more about each one of these areas and take our quiz to see if you need our help. We are here to help you get the early intervention services you need.

Crawling, Sitting, Standing, Walking, Running, and Jumping

Motor Skills

Problem Solving, Attention, Imitation, Exploration, Memory, Pre-Reading Skills


Listening Skills, Cooing, Babbling, Using Words and Simple Phrases, Answering Questions


Feeding/Eating, Sleeping, Brushing Teeth, Dressing Skills, Toileting

self help

Relationship Skills, Self-Confidence, Ability to Self-Soothe, Share & Play With Others, Listen & Follow Directions

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Everyday, we help children around South Carolina who are experiencing common developmental delays or who have disabilities. Early intervention provides an array of support-based services. Learn more about how we help you every step of the way:

Service Coordination
In South Carolina, knowing who to call and how to navigate state programs can be tough. Let us handle all the tricky parts for you, to make sure you get the therapies, services, and support you and your child need, right when you need them.
Family Training
Our experienced instructors use their knowledge of early childhood development to equip families with the skills needed to help their child grow, develop, learn, and participate in everyday activities. We help children reach their maximum potential.
Did you know?
1 in 0
children from the ages of 3 years through 17 years has one or more developmental disabilities
1 in 0
An estimated one in 40 children in the United States is born with an early motor delay.
42 of
About Play provides early intervention in 42 of the 46 counties in South Carolina.


Since 2014, About Play has become one of the largest providers of early intervention services in South Carolina, helping thousands of babies and toddlers reach developmental milestones.

Our services are available in all of these counties below.

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Open Positions Available for Early Intervention Specialists in South Carolina

Have a lifetime of impact on kids, parents, and families.

Are you a creative, motivated, and passion-driven professional who wants to join a fun-filled team of Early Interventionists? We'd love to meet you! About Play is committed to serving and supporting families and children ages birth to six years with developmental delays or disabilities. Find out more about our open positions have to offer today!

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