THE FOUNDERS OF about play

About Our Founders

About Play's Start Up Story

Laura and Willie met in 2007 when Laura hired Willie as an early interventionist at another EI company in Columbia, S.C. After Willie quickly learned the role and job duties as well as responsibilities as an EI, Willie was promoted to supervisor where she and Laura worked more closely. Throughout the years working together, Laura and Willie learned that they had opposite strengths but had the same goals and work ethic. As a result of this, they developed a friendship. They realized that they both loved making a difference in the children’s and family’s lives.

Laura and Willie separated from that EI company and gained employment with two different companies while still maintaining their friendship. Laura worked on the autism side to help build an ABA program. After a couple of years, Laura realized she loved and missed the EI world. Willie worked as an EI Supervisor where she helped build and expand that company. Over time, Willie realized that her dream was to open an EI company where she could build a culture that kept the service of the children and their families as the primary focus.

Every so often, Willie would ask Laura if the two of them could start their own EI company, but for months, Laura was hesitant. Willie reminded Laura that because they both had different qualities but the same goals, they would make a great team. Their mindset was to build an EI company that would foster the development of EIs so children and families could benefit. In 2014, Laura and Willie “took the leap” and founded About Play.

Since obtaining our EI contract followed by their very first referrals in 2015, About Play has grown to a staff of over 100 and serving over 1800 children in 42 counties in South Carolina.

If you live in South Carolina and think your infant or child is experiencing developmental delays, we can help.