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About Play - Early Intervention Testimonials From Amber

When we first started our journey with Amber, Elaina was at the point where she wouldn’t go to anyone or even babble to anyone. When we first started our sessions Elaina had to be in my lap at all times. But as the time went by she started to open up to Amber and started to get where she would sit closer to her. And Elaina even started to talk a little to Amber and started to repeat words that Amber said. There was even one point where Elaina wouldn’t even play with Amber because I was in the room with her. Elaina kept telling me to go and as soon as I went to the other room she started playing with Elaina. Elaina has grown so much while being with About Play and I’m very happy with how far she has come. I want to thank Amber for all that she has done for Elaina.

As parents of a 2.5 year-old daughter who barely talks, it amazes me that when Beth opens our front door and says, "Mckenzie, I'm here!" that Mckenzie stops whatever it is she's doing to run to the door screaming "BETH!" Beth is so loving, patient, and caring with Mckenzie. Even though Beth is there for Mckenzie, she takes the time to make her sister feel comfortable and to explain things to us as parents. Any time we have a question, Beth is always reachable. We truly feel that she is a member of our family and Mckenzie wouldn't be where she is today with out her.

About Play - Early Intervention Testimonials From McKenzie
About Play - Early Intervention Testimonial From Felicia

Since working with About Play and Felicia Shannon, I’ve seen a major turnaround for my son, Kendrick. Before Felicia came into the picture, Kendrick was very shy and stand-offish. He liked being alone even when it came to family. His siblings would play & talk (just doing what kids do) but Kendrick, would just sit off to the side by himself and play alone. This bothered me so much because I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to interact with other children even his own brother and sisters. After meeting and explaining my concerns to Felicia, she informed me how my child wasn’t alone and how everything would be okay. Felicia has been so supportive and shown me that you should never be afraid of reaching out because you’ll never know when someone else may be experiencing the same things you may going through. I appreciate how hard Felicia has worked with my family. Being around her is like being around family. Felicia is a beautiful person inside and out! Thanks to her, Kendrick is talking in full sentences and he is interacting more socially with his siblings too. But most importantly he’s becoming his own person! I am proud to give a testimonial, and I am very grateful for all the work Felicia has done with Kendrick and our family

Olivia from About Play is my son’s favorite thing! She has the most patience when it comes to my son and I love that for him, she has even taught him some words like “wow” and “quack quack.” He was not saying those words at all until she came. I love how she helps both of us and has also calmed my nerves with a lot of things that can cause a mom to worry. She is so sweet to Kaiden (I call her Kaidens lil personal friend) and I definitely would recommend them to other parents. I think my son is developing a lot thanks to her and About Play. About Play overall has been the best experience and we are so glad that we got approved and got the help my son needed.

About Play - Early Intervention Review From Olivia
About Play - Early Intervention Reviews

We are big fans of About Play! Our Early Interventionist, Willie, came to our house once a week and quickly became both our teacher, and one of our best friends. She was patient, caring, loving, funny, and wonderful at helping Parker and me succeed with his speech and everyday small & fine motor activities. Not only was she great with the kids, she was an awesome support to me as well. She was there to help me through school meetings, phone calls, and speech therapy. She would listen to my worries and calm my fears. My two-year-old went from a nonverbal child, to saying 4-5 word sentences, and I have About Play to thank for this! We recommend About Play to everyone. They will forever be a part of our family!

As a mother of two developmentally-delayed children, nothing has given me more peace of mind than knowing my little ones are in such capable and caring hands. I have had the pleasure of meeting both Willie and Laura when my children started receiving services. I cannot say enough great things about these women! They are committed to helping all children reach their goals and stop at nothing to ensure they get the services they need and deserve. The early interventionists at About Play have become part of our family and my children look forward to seeing them every week! About Play is truly one of a kind!

About Play - Early Intervention Review From Stephanie
About Play - Early Intervention Review From Amber

About Play has been amazing with helping my son who is nonverbal. Our EI, Amber, has been amazing! Building trust with King and being patient. It’s not an easy job to do and Amber makes it look so easy! This organization has such an amazing staff that I’m so blessed to have made the right choice for my son to be better. Thank you About Play!!

We have seen Chelsea Witter for a little over a year. I can say that Chelsea has helped Faith to achieve many goals and the first one was Faith walking. As Faith being a preemie, Faith was behind on many things. Faith is almost 3 years old and can do her puzzles by herself, she is talking and expressing more. I can’t thank Chelsea enough to Chelsea for all the hard work and dedication to Faith. Thank you About Play for putting Chelsea into our lives. She is a big part of our Family.

About Play - Early Intervention Review From McKenzie

We absolutely ADORE Elizabeth!! When Serenity came to live with us she was 2 weeks shy of 7 months. She couldn’t hold her bottle, sit up, still held her legs in a fetal position, and would not eat. Since working with Elizabeth, Serenity - now 18 months - exceeds her goals! She is now running, eating, drinking from a straw, saying words, making animal noises… Elizabeth is a GOD-SEND! Thank you for caring so much for our baby! We appreciate you more than you know! You are truly the highlight of Serenity’s Wednesdays!! ☺️

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