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About Play early intervention believes a lifetime of learning begins with a child's experiences of play. Our goal is to provide a quality South Carolina Early Intervention program that nurtures families in meeting their child's developmental needs.

Early Intervention is designed to improve outcomes for children with developmental delays and disabilities. By providing early, appropriate, and intensive interventions, children and families learn together. Early Intervention is a range of services designed to support a family at the early stages of an infant or toddler’s developmental delay or disability.

Play is so much more important than you realize! Play is how children learn about themselves and the world around them. Play is beneficial to all children.

Benefits of Play include:

  • Helps children learn about themselves and the world around them
  • Helps children process emotions
  • Promotes problem-solving & social skills
  • Is important for healthy brain development
  • Promotes creativity & imagination
  • Provides your child with a foundation to help master other skills later in life
  • Helps children build confidence

Everyday play & exploration is one of the most important learning activities for a child. Children learn best through their everyday experiences with the people they love and trust the most.  And when learning is fun! Play is the forum that allows parents and caregivers to fully engage with their child. Play is essential to their child's development of skills and contributes to their child’s cognitive, physical, social, & emotional well-being.

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