Our Early Intervention Services Are Designed Around Your Child

January 20, 2021

During the early years of your child’s life, there are many signs that indicate growth and development such as taking the first step, smiling for the first time, and waving “bye-bye”. Each child is unique in developing at their own pace, so there’s no exact indication when a child will acquire a given skill. 

However, other infants and toddlers meet these developmental milestones more slowly than anticipated. This is called a developmental delay.

Developmental delay is typically no cause for an alarm but an ongoing interruption or multiple delays can be a sign of later challenges in their life. It can be caused by a variety of factors which include heredity, complications during pregnancy, and/or premature birth.

This is how Early Intervention can help. It is designed to create an impact on the child’s first few years and provide effective interventions that can improve their life balances during childhood and adolescence. The optimism of these EI will address any delays in development and can give a general idea of the changes to expect as the child gets older and even in preventing any conditions.

Our early intervention services for your child give emphases in these areas:

  •   Physical skills which focus on reaching, crawling, walking, drawing, and building
  •   Cognitive skills like thinking, learning, and solving problems
  •   Communication skills such as talking, listening, or understanding others
  •   Self-help or adaptive skills like eating and dressing
  •   Social or emotional skills which include playing and interacting with others

EI services are usually given for kids from birth to three years of age. For aid to be necessary, your child must exhibit either a developmental delay or a specific health condition that will possibly lead to a delay which includes certain genetic illnesses, birth defects, or hearing loss.

Although the causes of delays can be tough to pinpoint, there are countless treatments and support services available to help your children. The earlier we can diagnose a delay, the better the benefit will be for your child’s development until adulthood.

 These effective early intervention works to avert problems in occurring or talking about them head-on before it gets worse. It also supports adopting a set of personal strengths and skills that will ready a child for their adult life. Availing these services sooner helps many kids catch up and prosper in school and in life in general. Besides getting your child to this developmental assistance, early intervention can also be a breakthrough on the part of the parents.

A child who qualifies may receive our services such as respite care, summer support services, therapy services, autism services, nursing, audiology, and assistive technology. Services can be provided to children and families in a daycare or via a home visit. A service coordinator from the early intervention program will help the family set up and schedule the services.


It can be detrimental to a child's potential to have developmental delays. Early intervention services give a child the best for his success in the future. Having the best EI services from  About Play can help enhance and assist your child’s overall growth and development.


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