Our Diverse Team of Early Childhood Specialists

January 6, 2021

Early intervention is a foundational tool for better living. Through it, toddlers can learn, refine and improve their developmental skills all round and hopefully mitigate the risks of disability. It is through the help of EI specialists that this is made possible. With a team of knowledgeable experts in place, treatment can occur constructively.

Finding the right team, however, can be tasking especially if your child has a rare set of needs.  We understand how frustrating this can be for parents and have therefore devised a more reliable treatment plan. At About Play, we focus on evaluating the needs of your child first before making any move. Our methodologies are family-driven and as such much tailored. We go beyond just skill development as we also focus on creating a bond with you and your child.

Here are some of the professional personnel that you may work with;

  • Early Interventionist

Ideally, this is your primary service provider with whom you may spend most treatment hours.  A coach is usually assigned after a thorough assessment of your child’s diagnosis and consequent needs. They will make recommendations on what learning activities to engage in as well as how often. Parents are also allowed to share ideas and suggestions, to craft a beneficial treatment plan.

Sessions can be held in different venues including in-house visits- a common location where little ones tend to be most comfortable to learn in. Moreover, follow up meetings are occasionally scheduled to monitor the progress and change the trajectory if need be.

  • Speech Language Pathologist 

Your assigned coach is a bridge to other social workers including a speech therapist. In this line of duty, young ones are taught how to verbalize words and construct basic sentences. This does not happen overnight - it takes a series of activities that are fun and playful too! Some of the preliminaries to talking include understanding gestures, use of the same, grasping simple instructions, all of which are attentively addressed by a language developer.  The work plan is also structured in a way that does not overwhelm your child but builds precept upon precept.

  • Occupational Therapist

Occupational treatment employs therapeutic tools to help patients participate in their everyday activities. For young children, this is mostly playing, eating, sleeping, and participating in self-care. In light of this, an occupational expert works to better sensory integration and thus develop or improve the motor skills needed for daily living. Your child should learn appropriate play, social behavior, and how to interact with his/her environment better. Part of the treatment will also involve gentle exercises to boost the same.

  • Physical Interventionist

A physical specialist does not stray too far from the role of an occupational expert except that they specialize in limb development. This will involve stretching, coordinating muscles, and achieving balance. For babies especially, tummy time is a fundamental foundation for developing advanced motor skills such as crawling and walking. A physical therapist is adequately equipped to achieve this goal.

 At  About Play, we are well endorsed with a workforce of professionals who have more than enough experience with kids. To add on, we also offer parent education empowering you to help your little ones while at home. Visit our website today for more information.