October 2020 Newsletter

October 28, 2020

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EI Spotlight Rose Nelson has left a lasting impression with Beau and his family. He is so excited to see her that when he knows she is visiting he waits by the door and says “Rose? Rose? Where are you?” Their relationship and connection are what #AboutPlay is all about. They are so happy to have her! Congratulations, Rose!! Thank you Rose for being such an asset to our team!! Child Spotlight “In the past year Jokubashas grown so much from not speaking and acting shy to speaking in complete sentences in Lithuanian,(his family’s native tongue), and in English. Hehas...

September 2020 Newsletter

September 21, 2020

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EI Spotlight Chelsea has almost been with About Play for a year now and is doing a wonderful job! She gets services started in a timely manner and is a strong advocate for the kids and families she serves. Chelsea makes family training fun for both the child and parent! Chelsea has great rapport with all her families!  Congratulations, Chelsea!! Thank you Chelsea for being such an asset to our team!! Child Spotlight “In the past 6 months Amelia has gone from no expressive language to repeating new words, labeling colors, shapes and letters and spontaneously communicating her needs with us....

August 2020 Newsletter

August 20, 2020

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EI Spotlight Meet one of our EIs, Monica Arroyo! Monica serves families in Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties.  Monica has been with About Play for almost a year and a half and we are so lucky to have her on our team. She loves her job and the families she serves, and it shows. We appreciate her hard work and dedication!  Congratulations, Monica!! Child Spotlight “I’ve worked with James a little over a year and have greatly enjoyed seeing the progress he has made. He is independently using full sentences and is able to label many shapes, animals, and numbers. James’s...