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November 18, 2020

It is always a great joy to see your child opportunely develop and achieve various milestones. But sometimes, children find it difficult or take longer to appropriately comprehend basic human behaviors such as talking, moving around, socializing with others, growing in height or weight, and the like. 

If you have noticed a lag in any of these, it’s normal to feel worried -- but there’s no need to be. With adequate early intervention treatment, your child can catch up in no time!

One of the best places to seek such services is at About Play - an organization that focuses on helping children reach their developmental milestones. With us you can rest assured of:

  • Tailor-Made ServicesWe understand that every child is unique therefore services are tailor-made to suit the particular needs of each child and family. 
  • Qualified Personnel – Available is a team of interventionists who specialize in early childhood and social work  that prove useful in helping children develop as they ought to. Therapists are also referred out to as needed for support and intervention services. 
  • Passionate and Child-Friendly Services – About Play not only hires people who are well qualified but are also dedicated to connecting with children. This is essential as it makes children feel worthy of attention, being consoled and loved which are vital ingredients to healthy development.
  • Flexible Services – It is advisable to provide early intervention treatment at a location where your child feels most at ease. Thus, we offer sequential visits to any location that you deem fit within the counties we serve in South Carolina.
  • 24/7 Customer Care Services – We are available for queries every day, anytime! Calls or messages are always returned as soon as possible.
  • Excellent Services Regardless of Your Income – Early  intervention programs are an initiative by the state government to help you obtain services - notwithstanding how much you earn. There is no charge to families for any approved services on a child’s IFSP. 
  • Government Approved Services – We are a certified child development service provider that utilizes play based, natural environment  teaching methods.

How to Access About Play Services

We provide therapy services to infants or toddlers from birth to age six, but first, you need to make a referral to BabyNet by calling the central referral line at 1-866-512-8881. Anyone can make the referral – be it a parent, teacher, caregiver friend, doctor, or even us!

Once your child is referred, an official from BabyNet shall get in touch and probe further on the needs of your child by completing a developmental screening. They shall then advise on whether they are eligible for an  intervention program. If affirmative, you will be provided with a list of Early Intervention Service Providers to choose from within your area. 

Given that you select About Play, we shall get in touch within a week to schedule for your initial visit. 

About Play is committed to helping children attain their developmental milestones. Based on our understanding and experience of the risk factors that hinder children’s development, we support families in creating the perfect environment and accessing qualified therapists. Your little one is guaranteed to be on their way to getting  all the help they need to flourish!

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