3 Best Jobs for Teachers Who Don’t Want to Teach

September 9, 2021

Teachers have a lot of amazing qualities — not to mention a high level of education —  that makes them well-suited for a range of career options. However, there comes a point in some teachers’ careers where they get a little tired of classroom teaching. 

If this sounds like you, but you’d still like to work with children, no worries! There are plenty of other great jobs out there, and you’re probably already qualified for most of them. Here are our top three recommendations for the best jobs for teachers who don’t want to teach in a classroom:

1. Early Intervention Specialist

No surprise here! People who were previously teachers make great early intervention specialists. In fact, teaching is where many of About Play’s amazing team members started their careers. 

Early intervention specialists work with children ages 0-6 who have developmental delays or disabilities. They work one-on-one with a child to identify any delays and create an action plan for growth. Then, they conduct regular visits to either a child’s home or daycare center to work on their developmental skills, usually in the form of play. Early intervention specialists also work with children’s families to support them with any guidance and resources they may need. 

In order to become an early intervention specialist, you’ll need a degree in a related field (yes, education is one of them!) and a state credential. Some other skills that will help you succeed in the field include:

  • Passion for working with children
  • Creativity to make learning fun
  • Energy to keep up with young kids all day
  • Organization to keep necessary paperwork in order
  • Time management to make your own schedule while still providing quality care

Overall, being an early intervention specialist is a highly rewarding job that helps infants and toddlers learn and grow. It’s the perfect transition for teachers who love kids, but are looking to get out of the classroom.

2. Social Worker

Many teachers turn their career path to social work. A career in social work involves connecting with people one-on-one to help them create a better future for themselves, which is very similar to what teachers do. 

If you’re still passionate about working with children, you might find a job working in the foster system most fulfilling. However, there are also plenty of other areas in social work that include working with both kids and adults, such as mental health counseling, elderly resources, and criminal justice. 

Depending on what sector of social work you choose, you may or may not have to return to school and get a social work degree. Otherwise, some valuable skills for successful social workers include:

  • Interpersonal skills to work with people of all ages
  • Cultural competence to work with people of all backgrounds
  • Counseling skills to provide active listening and helpful advice
  • High emotional intelligence to manage tough situations
  • Organization to keep necessary paperwork in order

3. Childcare Worker

Finally, some teachers choose to take their teaching expertise and transfer it to childcare experience. Parents are always looking for quality childcare, so taking your passion for working with children to a daycare setting outside the formal “classroom” can be very rewarding. 

In childcare, you could either assist at an established daycare, start your own daycare (which would also make you a business owner!), or provide in-home childcare services like nannying.

If you’re interested in childcare, you probably won’t need to return to school or get any other certifications, so you’re set to go! However, you should make sure you have these important skills: 

  • Patience to work with young children
  • Responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children
  • Creativity to help children learn and have fun
  • Passion for helping children grow

Tired of teaching? Early interventionists at About Play enjoy all the rewards of working one-on-one with children and families. If that sounds like you, we encourage you to visit our careers page!

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