November 2020 Newsletter

November 2020 Newsletter

December 2, 2020

EI Spotlight

EI Brittany Ducket and Ms. Calleigh are all ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with their personalized turkey’s!!! Calleigh is so happy to have her!

Thank you Brittany for being such an asset to our team!!


Child Spotlight

“Greyson has made some major improvements in his speech and cognitive development! Greyson has improved in being able to fully complete tasks and following directions. Greyson is all boy and is very active, so completing tasks was difficult in the beginning, but now Greyson can stay on task and loves when he knows he has completed something!”

Great work, Greyson! I’m so proud of you!

-EI Kadie


Community Resources

Harvest Hope Donations

Harvest Hope is on a mission to eliminate hunger and food insecurity in South Carolina. They rescue nutritious food from stores throughout the state and distribute it to food pantries, shelters, and soup kitchens. Can you assist with the “Turning hunger into hope this holiday season.” Through the COVID-19 pandemic we are still working together to ensure no table is empty tonight.

November 1st–30th

Click HERE for more information.


DIY Flip Book

We all know that toddler flip books are a great way to build a toddlers’ vocabulary! Use this fun and easy method to help your little ones learn new words without worrying about them destroying their favorite flip book!


  • Picture Book/First 100 Words Book
  • Post-Its

Create a fun peekaboo activity with a toddler’s board books using post-it notes! It’s a great way to practice learning animals, shapes, colors and more! First, take the child’s board book and stick post it notes over the pictures (using different color post-its). Then, choose a page with the vocabulary you want your toddler to work on or a page they love to look at. (Each page of this book has a single theme, such as farm animals, shapes, colors or food.) Prompt the child to pull off each post it notes, (Asking them to name the animals, after a short pause assist by naming it for them and say the sounds that each animal makes.)


20-Month Milestones

We are Hiring!

Social and Emotional

  • Explores alone but with parent close by
  • Points to show others something interesting



  • Says several single words
  • Says at least 50 words


Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem- solving)

  • Can follow 1-step verbal commands without any gestures; for example, sits when you say “sit down”
  • Knows what ordinary things are for; for example, telephone, brush, spoon


Gross/Fine Motor

  • Runs
  • Throws ball underhand



  • Begins potty training
  • Drinks from a cup

We need energetic, creative, motivated and passion driven professionals with great time and organizational skill managements.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in education, early childhood, social work, psychology, sociology, family & consumer science, or any related field
  • At least one year of experience working with children birth to six years old

Positions are available in the following counties:

  • Sumter
  • Columbia
  • Florence
  • Greenville
  • Charleston
  • Rock Hill
  • Lancaster

If you or someone you know is interested, visit our job application page at