March 2022 Newsletter

April 4, 2022

EI Spotlight

“Bethany has been a great asset to our team since she joined About Play 6 months ago. She has gone above and beyond to provide quality services to the families she serves and creates beneficial visits for each of her children. Bethany’s families appreciate her effort and are happy to see her each week. Thank you, Bethany, for continuously striving to achieve the best services possible for your children and families, they and About Play appreciates you! Thank you for all your hard work and for all that you do!"

-Reg Dir Jennifer


Child Spotlight

“Vermont was unable to communicate verbally when I started with him. However, now he is able to name colors, shapes, and count 1-20. Vermont is a very happy little boy that loves school and socializing with others!”

-Reg Dir Jennifer


Extra-Mile Award

“Chelsea Davis has been with About Play for 9 months. Chelsea always goes above and beyond for each of her kids and their families.  She shows compassion for what she does and it always reflects in her work.  Thank you  Chelsea for all of your hard work and dedication to About Play!!”

-Reg Dir Jennifer




Community Resources

Sensory Sensitive Sundays

We’re proud to support families who have children with autism and other special needs. Recognizing that the Chuck E. experience can be very stimulating for any child, we made it our mission to create Sensory Sensitive Sundays™, where we have a trained, caring staff who works to ensure everyone has a fun-filled visit. Because we believe ALL kids deserve the opportunity to just be a kid.

Participating locations will open two hours early on the first Sunday of the month to offer a sensory-friendly experience for families.


ABC Gold Scavenger Hunt

Use this fun and easy method to help your little ones learn colors using hand-eye coordination with joint attention


  • Plastic gold coins
  • Container
  • Markers
  • ABC checklist

This is a great time to help kids name the letters. If kids already know the alphabetthen you can discuss words that begin with each sound. First, hide the gold throughout the search area (your home or classroom) Then, prompt the kids to go search for the gold pieces. After finding the gold sit down with the checklist and match the gold pieces.


6-9 Month Milestones

Social and Emotional

  • Socializes with strangers
  • Establishes eye contact
  • Responds to you by looking toward you or smiling at you when you say his name



  • Babbles
  • Imitates sounds you make

Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem solving)

  • Bangs objects on table
  • Plays with toy/object for 2-3 mins

Gross/Fine Motor

  • Sits up on own – without being propped
  • Transfers objects from one hand to the other



  • Holds own bottle
  • Feeds self crackers

We are Hiring!

We need energetic, creative, motivated and passion driven professionals with great time and organizational skill managements.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in education, early childhood, social work, psychology, sociology, family & consumer science, or any related field
  • At least one year of experience working with children birth to six years old

Positions are available in the following counties:

  • Charleston
  • Kershaw
  • Richland

If you or someone you know is interested, visit our job application page at

For more info and questions, you may also email

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