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7 Key Facts About About Play

November 18, 2020

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It is always a great joy to see your child opportunely develop and achieve various milestones. But sometimes, children find it difficult or take longer to appropriately comprehend basic human behaviors such as talking, moving around, socializing with others, growing in height or weight, and the like.  If you have noticed a lag in any of these, it’s normal to feel worried — but there’s no need to be. With adequate early intervention treatment, your child can catch up in no time! One of the best places to seek such services is at About Play – an organization that focuses...

Next Steps If Your Child Seems Slow to Hear or Speak

November 4, 2020

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Holistic development occurs in multiple stages. Naturally, children are expected to progress sequentially as they grow older. For some, this process occurs within the required time frame while for others certain hurdles emerge along the way.  According to Jean Piaget, developmental milestones are characterized by four key stages: the motor stage, cognitive development, language and speech, and finally the operational stage. Each of these is interdependent.  Before your little one can upgrade to motor responses, for example, there must be some degree of brain maturity.  When it comes to hearing and speech, the same principle applies. Without proper hearing, a...

The Key 5 Focus Areas of Healthy Childhood Development

October 21, 2020

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What happens in a child’s life and who they interact with plays a crucial role in determining who they grow up to become. Make a positive impact on them by starting early; it is easier to instill vital life lessons and disciplines while they are still young compared to when they’re older. Not sure what you should be focusing on? Not to worry — we made a list of 5 focus areas to help you raise healthy, developed children. 1. Emotional Matters Do you validate your child’s emotions and opinions? If you watch crime documentaries, most criminals trace their sadistic...