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About Play's goal is to provide quality early intervention services in South Carolina through our program that nurtures families in meeting their child's developmental needs. This blog contains articles related to this topic, and also provides parents who are looking for more information on this topic. Additionally, it provides those searching for careers in this area with details about a career as an early interventionist.

What To Expect When Starting Early Intervention For Your Child

October 14, 2020

Category: General Information

Coming to terms with the reality that your child might require early intervention may be a bitter pill to swallow- so bitter that many parents tend to wait too long with the hope that somehow things will take a turn for the better. The truth is that not all developmental delays necessitate early intervention treatment. Some infants naturally hit their milestones slower than their counterparts. That is why an early intervention assessment is done, to determine who is eligible for therapy. Usually, this process is carried out by a team of therapists each specializing in different life skill areas that...

A Guide To The SC State Programs That Aid Children With Developmental Delays

October 7, 2020

Category: General Information

If you are reading this article, chances are, you are a parent/carer of a child or children who have developmental delays.  We understand how difficult it might be for you to support a child with developmental delays, especially if you lack the necessary resources, and if you are untrained to provide the right cognitive stimuli your child needs. After all, early intervention is the best way to improve the outcomes of your child when it comes to their mental, neurological, and behavioral faculties.  Most children only require basic learning modifications to address their particular needs, and with a nudge from...

September 2020 Newsletter

September 21, 2020

Category: Newsletters

EI Spotlight Chelsea has almost been with About Play for a year now and is doing a wonderful job! She gets services started in a timely manner and is a strong advocate for the kids and families she serves. Chelsea makes family training fun for both the child and parent! Chelsea has great rapport with all her families!  Congratulations, Chelsea!! Thank you Chelsea for being such an asset to our team!! Child Spotlight “In the past 6 months Amelia has gone from no expressive language to repeating new words, labeling colors, shapes and letters and spontaneously communicating her needs with us....

Is your Child Developing Slowly? Know The Signs To Look For

September 16, 2020

Category: General Information

About Play firmly believes that every child is unique and each one moves through life at varying rates. If you have observed children or if you have children of your own, you know that their temperaments differ from each other. One might be shy and feel things at a deeper level, while others might be more outgoing and expressive of their thoughts and feelings.  Even though variation exists when it comes to achieving developmental milestones, the sequence is predictable. You, as a parent, know your child best and the following key features will guide you in determining whether your child’s...

5 Activities to Promote Learning in Children Who Aren’t Hitting Milestones

September 9, 2020

Category: General Information

We celebrate accomplishments as they happen and flood social media with picture posts, excited phone calls to family and friends describing every tiny detail of the event. And if it were our child’s developmental milestones – the first smile, the first word uttered, the first step – our delight multiplies a hundredfold. But what if those developmental milestones are just too slow in happening? Some of us would begin to quietly worry. Some would even hit the panic button. Some would silently draw comparisons to other kids. And what if they are delayed, or not quite what you expected them...

Early Intervention for Autism: What You Need to Know

September 2, 2020

Category: General Information

It can be overwhelming, even daunting to loving parents who are faced with the decision whether to avail of early intervention programs or not for their child. There must be a hundred questions, worries that flash inside any parent’s mind. Questions like: What should I expect? Will my child be okay? Will it be the best course of action? Will my child be better? These are some of the common questions and concerns that About Play hopes to answer… There have been many therapies that have evolved over the years that were created to better the lives of children with...

August 2020 Newsletter

August 20, 2020

Category: Newsletters

EI Spotlight Meet one of our EIs, Monica Arroyo! Monica serves families in Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties.  Monica has been with About Play for almost a year and a half and we are so lucky to have her on our team. She loves her job and the families she serves, and it shows. We appreciate her hard work and dedication!  Congratulations, Monica!! Child Spotlight “I’ve worked with James a little over a year and have greatly enjoyed seeing the progress he has made. He is independently using full sentences and is able to label many shapes, animals, and numbers. James’s...

3 Things to Know About BabyNet in South Carolina

August 19, 2020

Category: General Information

From the very moment that babies come into this world, they begin to learn. Each new experience offers a child with some insight and helps develop their instinct, behavior, and attitude. From birth up until five years of age, it is critical to hone the child’s brain to set them up for success.  However, there are circumstances wherein extra help and resources are needed to help a child blossom in terms of social skills, cognitive abilities, and emotional intelligence. For children with developmental delays and disabilities, it can be quite challenging to acquire necessary life skills and achieve milestones.  Fortunately,...

What Are The Benefits of Early Intervention?

July 27, 2020

Category: General Information

The formative years in a child’s life is between zero to eight years of age. This is the period when vital cognitive, emotional, and social advancement occurs. Physiologically speaking, this stage stimulates the development of your child’s brain and nervous system. As a parent or a primary caregiver, it pays to be cognizant of your environment and how you deal with the child at this stage. Even simple things such as patterns of behavior and your responses to certain situations can have a lasting impact on a child’s cognitive, social, communication, and even physical development. The very first person to...

July 2020 Newsletter

July 15, 2020

Category: Newsletters

EI Spotlight Destany is an outgoing EI that enjoys working with and engaging her families by bringing fun activities to her sessions or providing them with resources to participate in activities in the community. Destany is excellent at building relationships and her families love to see her come to their home! Thank you for all of your hard work, Destany! Child Spotlight “Grant was born as a premie and he and his family joined the About Play Family when he was four months old. I’m grateful that his family chose me to work with them. Grant has made great progress...

June 2020 Newsletter

June 30, 2020

Category: Newsletters

EI Spotlight “I’d like to nominate Marjetta! She came into our life in a time when we were so lost and feeling helpless with our son’s diagnosis, unsure of how we, as his parents, could help. Not only did she guide us into better communication with our little man, but she helped him find his voice and never gave up…even on the days he wasn’t himself. He would always look forward to our Monday sessions with her and has come so far not only through play, but through guidance that I feel only someone with great patience and an amazing...

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